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What is Acute Wry Neck?

A sudden onset of sharp neck pain that is commonly associated with stiffness, pain and limitation of movement. The pain and restriction is typically caused by a cervical joint that has become jammed or inflammed.

How does Acute Wry Neck happen?

Acute wry neck typically occurs for what appears like no reason after waking or after a sudden quick movement of your head. It may be a result of unusual movements, sleeping in swkawrd positions or prolonged abnormal postures prior to the onset of pain.

What we do to fix it:

  • Soft tissue massage to release the muscles attaching to the neck. This not only reduces spasm and pain but helps restore normal movement.
  • Joint mobilization of the specific affected joints in your neck to allow the joints to glide over one another again.
  • Specific exercises to decrease pain and increase range of movement


Suitable Products sold at our clinics:

  • Heat pack
  • Posture Assessment Kinesio Capture
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