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Gary Wescombe Remedial Therapist Burnie

Gary Wescombe

Remedial Massage Therapist
Dip Sport (ASS S&C), Dip Sport (ASS ST), Dip RM

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    • Diploma Remedial Massage – Australasian College of Natural Therapies
    • Diploma Sport (Strength & Conditioning)


    • Massage Therapist @ Wescombe’s

Clinic Interests

I like treating/helping:

    • Athletes who require pre and post event preparation and general maintenance
    • All levels from weekend warriors through to the elite level, especially runners, triathletes, cyclists and swimmers
    • Gym Junkies
    • People who take their health and fitness seriously

Gets Best Results With Treating

Tension, pain and instability in the shoulder, hips/lower back, legs and achilles/calf

Personal Interests

  • Running, Football, Cricket
  • Training hard
  • Taking part in the odd mini or team triathlon
  • Enjoying life with my friends and family


“Healthy body, healthy mind”
It’s pretty simple, how you look after your body on the inside is reflected on the outside. Keeping your muscles operating at their full potential will equal fantastic training and race results. Lowering stress will increase your positive mood for the home and the work place.

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