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What is ITB Friction Syndrome?

ITB Friction Syndrome (ITBFS) presents as an ache on the outer side of the knee and is commonly seen in distance runners. The pain is often worse when running downhill. It results from rubbing and irritation of the bone underlying the fibrous band like structure that runs between the hip and knee as the knee is repeatedly bent and straightened.

How ITB Friction Syndrome Happens

Several factors can contribute to ITBFS. These include a tight illio-tibiaI band, tight muscles attaching to the illio-tibial band, poor muscle strength and stability at the hip and over-pronation at the feet.

What Burnie Physiotherapy Can Do To Treat ITB Friction Syndrome

  • Soft tissue massage: to release tight muscles including the hip stabilisers and ITB
  • Stretching of the ITB and hip musculature
  • Specific Exercises to loosen or stretch tight structures and strengthen weak muscles. In this condition strengthening of the quads and hip stabilizers are particularly important
  • Gait Scan and Orthotic prescription
  • Treadmill running analysis

Suitable Products for ITB Friction Syndrome?

  • Foam roller
  • Custom-made Orthotics to control excessive pronation and align the lower limb
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