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You can book an appointment with any of our therapists for any clinic by calling 6435 3366 where our friendly and helpful reception team will assist you in getting the most convenient time that suits you.

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    Cancellation & Missed Appointment Policy

    Burnie Physiotherapy will either call or send an SMS to confirm the appointment. Please make sure we have your latest contact details to assist us in this process. 
If less than 24 hours notice is given for a cancellation of an appointment, or if you fail to attend an appointment, a fee will be charged.

 We understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances can occur where it may be difficult for you to attend your appointment, however we have a reminder system in place to help you avoid this. The way we see it is once our time is booked we are dedicated 100% to that client for the allotted time. If the client doesn’t show up or cancel we have no way of providing our services for anyone else who may need it as it is too late. Not showing up denies another client the chance to book that time.

    Our Guarantee to You

    We believe in getting the results for you that you need, and your complete satisfaction.
 We are so confident in our abilities that should you be in any way unsatisfied with any treatment session provided by one of our Therapists, you will receive your full money back for that session and your next session free.
 Please contact the Director Gary Wescombe at if you have any queries.

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